Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Making Fresh Pasta

I was very excited to purchase my very first Imperia Pasta Machine from Williams Sonoma. I was inspired after having a delicious dinner at Sinatra restaurant at the Encore in Las Vegas, where I thoroughly enjoyed eating Frank’s Clams Posilipo (Manilla clams, tomato, garlic, oregano served over spaghetti). 

So I started with a classic recipe for the pasta:

2.25 cups of all purpose flour
3 eggs
Dash of salt
Olive oil (reserved in case you feel pasta is dry, add enough to bring the consistency back together)

I created a well of flour and added my eggs into the well. I whisked the eggs with a fork and began incorporating the flour to create a pancake batter-like consistency. Once you can no longer incorporate the flour with the fork, roll up your sleeves and begin to incorporate the flour with your hands. You should incorporate the flour and it will begin to form into a ball, keep kneeding the dough for 7-10 mins until you feel that the dough is incorporated and not crumbly. The key is to keep kneeding, that'll really work the dough.

If your dough is dry, add some water or olive oil. If your dough is too sticky, add a dusting of flour to your ball and keep kneeding. If this continues to happen, keep dusting the dough ball until it is no longer sticky. 

Once this is complete, wrap your dough ball in saran wrap and set it aside for 30 minutes. Once the time has passed, unwrap your dough (it should be smooth after unwrapping) and divide it into four by using a scraper to ensure a clean cut. 

Flatten one of the pieces and roll it through your pasta machine at the widest setting. Once it comes out, fold it in three, and run it through again. Keep doing this through each setting, folding and running it through each setting twice. Your small piece of dough will end up being long and smooth, beautiful sheet of dough! 

Imperia Pasta Machine

Rolled Sheets of Pasta

After you have completed rolling out your sheets, let them rest for 10 minutes before running through your cutters. Below is what cut pasta looks like!

Cut Spaghetti and Linguine

I truly believe that fresh pasta is the best pasta. It is so simple to make and the finished product cannot be compared to the packaged dried pasta from the store. I love making fresh pasta!

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