Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wheat Pasta with Pesto and Tilapia

Since I had left over pesto from last week (still good!) I wanted to make sure I got made good use out of my basic but awesome creation. My sweet mom had made tilapia fish fillets for dinner (sauteed in a skillet) before I got home from work and I needed something else to accompany the tilapia.

I had some wheat pasta that I had frozen and was nearing its shelf life, so I let it defrost while I brought a small pot of water to boil. The thing I love about fresh pasta is that defrosting it is never painful and it doesn't take too long. Once my water came to a boil, I dropped in my pasta for about 5 minutes, I let it cook a bit longer since it was still somewhat frozen (so impatient!).

Once it was ready, I took 2 big tablespoons of pesto and added it to a bowl with 3 tablespoons of pasta water, chili flakes, and cracked black pepper. I gave it a quick mix, and added my pasta (already drained) to the mixture and tossed. Once coated, I transferred it to a plate, and added my tilapia and voila!

*Wish I took a better pix!* 

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