Monday, March 4, 2013

Re Creo Supperclub

So I'm trying to find the words to describe how great this experience was but I'm at a loss! This new Re Creo supperclub is an fantastic idea. It starts with being greeted at the Chef's home, Jean and Tinh were our wonderful chefs, Alex was part of the team as a server, Chris was a great host. My friend Ginny and I went together, all that was asked is that we bring along a bottle of wine, and at the end of the meal, there are donation envelopes in which you can leave a tip/donation for the evening.

I really hope these underground dinners take off, because honestly, when will you find yourself at a dinner table with people that you would probably never envision sitting with, ever!? Yeah, that's what I thought. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, because honestly, they do speak for themselves. I think about every bite I took when I look at the pictures again and how wonderful everything tasted. Each dish was thought out, and you could tell that it was prepared and made with intent.

Thank you Re Creo for an amazing evening and for letting me borrow the pork belly and dessert pictures, since I so gracefully effing forgot to take the pictures!

Menu board

Ceviche Chiclayano - Delicious white fish with "popcorn" and piece of corn from the cob.

"Sushi" - Nothing sushi like about this plate. Mostly vegan. Starting at the top, mushroom, in the middle, watermelon, towards the bottom, avocado.

Salmon Gravlax - Beets 3 way with a horseradish cream. 

 Cozy egg squid ink raviolo, roasted peppers, chicharron. You guys, I don't voluntarily eat eggs. I've never eaten a hard boiled egg in my life and I promise you, I will never ever do that. BUT this cozy ass egg that was in my ravioli? AMAZING! It didn't even taste like egg, way to sneak up on me Jean and Tinh. You get props for sneaking eggs in like that.

Mushroom guinness pie, rosemary creme fraiche. Yummy, hearty goodness!

Cioppino - Spicy, delicious, seafood. Oh yeah, give me more baby.

Roasted Pork Belly, sweet fennel mint chimichurri - Delicious goodness. The little green garnishes? Seriously, that knocked the dish out of the park.

Baked Hawaiian mango, pineapple sauce - Holy Mother of All Things Fabulous. Party.In.Your.Mouth.

They also provided us with little treats to take home, and you would NEVER guess what these little delights were... Bacon Fat Gingersnaps! Holy balls of fire! AMAZING!

Thank you Re Creo! I cannot wait to join you at the next event, it'll be an honor! Xo!

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