Friday, March 1, 2013

Tipo "00" Flour and Squid Ink (Nero di Seppia)

I finally made the trek over to the Italian deli that is about 10 miles from my house to get my hands on some 00 flour! I know, how was I making fresh pasta without 00 flour!? I have no idea but I seriously cannot wait to give this a try. There is a misconception that Tipo 00 is for pizza, but this is definitely the type of flour to be used for fresh pasta, it has the lowest gluten index.

I also bought squid ink! I am beyond excited to try this to make fresh squid ink pasta. Oh, it's glorious, and yes, it is black pasta! Best used with seafood dishes, since it is squid ink - which comes from squid (duh!?). Basically, when the squidy feels that it is being preyed on, it shoots out the black ink to confuse the other specie. It's a defense mechanism. 

Look out for some new blog posts featuring the double zero flour and squid ink!

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